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19-22 March 2012, The 86th China National Food, wine &Spirits Fair (Spring 2012)

Pre-exhibition Show  2012成都糖酒会展前会

Location 地点

Kempinski Hotel Chengdu China

Ad: 42 Ren Min Nan Road 4th Section, Chengdu, Chine, 610041

Tel: 0086 8526 9999


地址: 成都武侯区人民南路4段42号

电话: 0086 8526 9999


Room 822

Opening Hours 日期

8h – 18h30, 19th-22th March 2012

2012年3月19日(星期一) - 3月22日(星期四)

开馆时间 8:00 – 18:30

Chengdu TangJiuHui 成都糖酒会正式展会

Date: 23 March 2012- 26 March 2012

展会时间 : 2012.3.23-26

Ad: Chengdu Century City New Convention & Exhibition Centre


Appointments 约见

You can meet CHATEAU CLASSIC's team at pre-exhibition of Chengdu wine fair. We would be glad to meet you personally there, and advise you to contact us in order to arrange an appointment:

诚挚希望能够在2012成都糖酒会展前会中与您会面, 敬请通过下列联系预约会面:

- by mail 邮件: Appointement Proposal

- by phone 电话: +33 5 56 73 82 65

Contacts 联系

Chairman and CEO: Bergitta Nanette Reiss: Contact

General Sale Manager: Emmanuel Blanc: Contact


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