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-> It's my first visit: what should I know?

-> What is the description of the wine?

-> How can I order at www.chateauclassic.com?

-> Why should I order immediately?

-> How can I view my orders?

-> Can I make changes to my orders?

-> How do you store your wines?

-> Why do I have insurance costs in my order amount?

-> What are Futures or "en Primeur"?

-> What do you mean by level of the wine?"

-> What are the names of the bottle sizes?

-> Why should I sign in when arriving on the website?

-> Other questions

First visit on our web site?

Click here to read a few tips about our web site.

Bottle descriptions, label state, level of wine, etc...

Please note that wines in original wooden cases and without any specific description are in perfect condition regarding level of wine, label, or cap. Wines that are packed in single bottle without any specific description could however present some imperfections from one bottle to another (color, font, on the capsel or on the label, etc.). For wines older than 15 years (or more) the state of the bottle corresponds to its age, and is generally comparable to the state of the bottles in the same vintage. Regarding the bottles with minor defects we can always send you a picture upon request.

How can I place an order?

1. You don't have signed in on our web site yet

You must create an account before ordering. Therefore, choose one of the links you can find on the home page under "Create an account" (right top of the page), depending on whether you are a Private customer, a Professional, or a Wine professional.


2. You already have signed in

Then you only have to search the wines you want (after having logged in), and click on the basket near each wine (after having chosen the quantity thanks to the quantity box). Click on View basket (right top of the web page) to verify your shopping basket. NB: to cancel a wine from your shopping basket you only have to click on the cross button on the left side of each wine line.

Why should I order immediately?

Let us advise you to place an immediate order so that you would be sure that the wines you choose are still available, and not sold out.

Wondering about your order?

You can review the details and status of any order you have placed via 'Your Account'. Anyway, we will email you as soon as your wines are ready for delivery.

Can I change my order?

Now you can make changes to your order until it has been prepared. Click on this link to learn more: to change an order

Where are the wines stored?

All of our wines are really stored in our air-conditioned cellars, in St. Christoly Médoc. Nothing is virtual. That's the reason why we can prepare your order up to the minute...

Why pay transport insurance?

The delivery is made in exchange of a 1% taking on the value of the goods. The transport of wines always involves a certain risk: the insurance covers theft and accidental damages. Thanks to that, we are able to forward your wines or replacement wines (as part of the guarantees covered by the insurance).

Why buying En Primeur?

‘En Primeur’ is a French expression for wine which is sold as a future, i.e. before it is bottled and released onto the market. Wines bought En Primeur will be shipped at least two years after the harvest (usually from spring). This is entirely dependant on the Chateau or grower. If you place an order, CHATEAU CLASSIC send you an email as soon as bottles are ready for delivery. You can order en primeur at many times (provided it is the same vintage). We will try to join your different orders into a single delivery. Of course, if you have paid several times the delivery charges, we will refund to you the over-payment. Learn more

What are the differences between the levels of wine?


TS - TOP SHOULDER. Usual level for wines over 15 years old. HS - HIGH SHOULDER. Typical reduction through the cork, usually no problem.

MS - MID SHOULDER. Usually some deterioration of the cork and therefore some variation.

LS - LOW SHOULDER. Risky and usually only accepted for sale if wine exceptionally rare or interesting.

BS - BOTTOM SHOULDER. Not acceptable unless a rare sort of bottle. (Sources: Christie's and Sotheby's) Note: in our lists, bottles without any observation belong at least to the Very Top Shoulder level.

Names and sizes of special bottles in liters


Equivalence for freight costs and minimum order quantity:

2 bottles of 37,5 cl = 1 bottle of 75 cl

1 magnum of 150 cl = 2 bottles of 75 cl

1 double magnum of 300 cl = 4 bottles of 75 cl

1 jeroboam of 450/500 cl = 6 bottles of 75 cl

1 imperial of 600 cl = 8 bottles of 75 cl

1 melchior of 1800 cl = 24 bottles of 75 cl

Why should I sign in when arriving on the website?

The connexion in your personal interface will allow you to: - obtain your prices and conditions ; - manage your account, your receiving of newsletters, etc. - view your orders, make changes to then, print them, etc. - create your own wine lists (Download lists), which you can adapt to your wishes, and change at any time, in order to have the wines you are interested in at one sight.

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